Frequently Asked ETIAS Questions

Do all British citizens need ETIAS to travel to the Netherlands?

Yes. All British citizens will be required to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver when the new travel authorisation program becomes effective in 2023. The existing visa-free regulations will be replaced with the ETIAS visa waiver for short-term travellers. It will go into effect in 2023.

International tourists and border authorities will be given a six-month grace period to enable them to acclimatize to the new procedures. Travellers should submit the online ETIAS application before departing for Europe. The new travel authorization system will be operational by 2023.

ETIAS online applications must be submitted at least 96 hours (4 days) before departure. This will give you plenty of time to finish your application and address any issues that may arise during the review process.

How to complete the ETIAS form to travel to the Netherlands from UK?

The ETIAS travel form application process is straightforward. Before travelling to the Netherlands or any other nation in the Schengen area, all British citizens will have to complete an online application through the ETIAS website.

Accurate contact information is the most important piece of information needed to file an ETIAS request. In most circumstances, the online application should take less than 10 minutes.

Is a passport needed to apply for ETIAS?

Yes. International passengers must have a valid passport to confirm their identity when applying for ETIAS travel authorisation. Biometric and machine-readable passports are required. Your passport must be valid for at least three months after your planned arrival date. This applies to all UK citizens as well as citizens of the other 59 ETIAS-eligible nations.

For a complete listing, please see our homepage.

What is the ETIAS fee and who needs to pay for the ETIAS visa waiver?

All applicants over the age of 18 must pay the ETIAS cost when applying for an ETIAS travel authorization. Minors under the age of 18 and people aged over 70 can apply for ETIAS without paying the ETIAS fee. To apply for the visa waiver, you must pay the cost online during the application before submitting the ETIAS form. Note that if the payment does not go through, your application will be put on hold.

When will ETIAS go live?

In 2023, the ETIAS visa waiver program will replace the current Schengen immigration control system. To minimize disruptions, a grace period of six to twelve months will be implemented, depending on the situation. This grace period will allow foreign travellers and border agents to gradually and seamlessly acclimate to the new travel requirements.

It is simple to make an online ETIAS request. A valid passport with biometrics that is not expired, a reliable internet connection, a valid email address, and enough dollars to pay the ETIAS charge are all required. The application can be completed using a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The ETIAS mobile apps are compatible with both Android and Apple smartphones.

Do children need to apply for ETIAS?

Yes. All eligible visitors, both children and adults, must apply for ETIAS visa waivers in order to travel to ETIAS countries. Beginning in 2023 and continuing thereafter, the visa waiver will allow them to travel inside the European Schengen area.

Minors and children should have a parent or legal guardian complete the online ETIAS application on their behalf. A complete list can be found on our webpage.

Can I study or work in the Netherlands with ETIAS?

No, ETIAS cannot replace a national study or work visa. The ETIAS visa waiver program includes 59 countries. It is an online travel authorization for nationals of nations that qualify. The ETIAS visa waiver is valid for up to 90 days of travel, travel, or tourism.

This visa waiver does not allow foreign citizens to study or work in the Netherlands or other Schengen countries. To study or work in the country, you must apply for a traditional visa.

Can I apply for ETIAS if I have been convicted of a crime?

International tourists must submit an ETIAS online application before entering any Schengen country. Applicants with a criminal past may face a slightly different process than those without a criminal record. This applies also to minor offences such as disorderly conduct, driving while intoxicated (DUI), loitering, and shoplifting.

International travellers with a criminal background may be refused entry to Europe or their ETIAS application may be denied. In most cases, authorities will simply request additional information about the applicant’s criminal history.

For further information, please contact our customer service department.

Is ETIAS required to enter the Netherlands from the UK?

Yes. When ETIAS goes active in 2023, British citizens will need to apply online for an ETIAS authorization to travel from the UK to the Netherlands. If you are a Briton, you can apply for an ETIAS visa waiver online.

Do I need to apply for ETIAS if I’m a citizen of an ETIAS country?

No, the ETIAS visa waiver is not required for citizens from ETIAS countries. ETIAS countries include Schengen countries plus San Marino, Vatican City, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Citizens from these countries can enter the Schengen area with just their passports, therefore they won’t require the pre-screening process under ETIAS. For example, assume you are a German citizen planning to travel to the Netherlands. As both these countries are part of ETIAS, you won’t require anything but a travel document (passport or ID card) to travel between the two countries.

However, British citizens must apply for ETIAS when it goes live in 2023 because the UK is not a Schengen country and operates on different travel rules and immigration procedures. Similarly, American citizens, Canadians, and Australians will also need to apply for ETIAS to travel to the Netherlands. There are 60 countries which will be eligible for ETIAS. For a complete list, please visit our homepage.

ETIAS permits should be obtained at least 96 hours (4 working days) before departure.

How do I apply for ETIAS if I hold dual citizenship?

It really depends on the nationalities you hold. If you have dual citizenship in at least one ETIAS nation (for example, UK and France), you do not need an ETIAS visa waiver. Your French passport will be enough to enter the Schengen area without an ETIAS.

However, you should consider whether you are a dual citizen of two non-Schengen nations. You can apply for an ETIAS Visa Waiver if at least one qualifying country is listed. Assume you have dual citizenship in India and the United Kingdom.

If you have dual citizenship in India and the United Kingdom, you can apply to ETIAS using your British passport. An Indian passport would necessitate a more traditional Schengen Visa to travel to ETIAS nations.

If you have any more questions, please contact our customer support staff.

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